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  • I Claim: A Deep Dive Into EC Daily Affirmations

    Words by: Taylor Fruzzetti EC daily affirmations, a meme page dedicated to the student life of Emmanuel, has sparked a buzz around campus. Modeled after the original @affirmations page on Instagram, @ecdailyaffirmations adds an Emmanuel flare on the “affirmation” formatted meme. The affirmation style meme takes an ironic twist on uplifting self-help phrases; often including…

  • Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue

    Words by: Ella Vilozny ’24 Courtesy of Wirestock on Dreamstime “They’re going to come look for us,” Naomi said quietly. “I know.” Slumped down on the sand with her knees pulled to her chest, Kate looked small and tired. Naomi sat down next to her, cross-legged with one knee overlapping Kate’s sneaker. “I can’t believe…

  • Wednesday 


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of Reanna Keller on Pinterest To some the worst, most boring, or most relaxing day of the week. To these statements, I would say you were correct. However, Wednesday and I have a love-hate relationship. I look forward to Wednesday, as it is the last day of the week…

  • Saints Basketball Photo Dump

    Saints Basketball Photo Dump

    Photos by: Anna Majowicz ’26

  • Study Spots on Campus Ranked

    Study Spots on Campus Ranked

    Words by: Catherine Hogan ’24 While our campus at Emmanuel may be small, there are still a variety of places that you can visit to get some work done (without spending money sitting at a coffee shop). These are the five study spots on campus, ranked.  5: The second floor of the JYC: The JYC…

  • The Phantom of the Opera Says Its Final Goodbye to Broadway

    The Phantom of the Opera Says Its Final Goodbye to Broadway

    Words by: Gabriela Mogavero ’26 Courtesy of : Bruce Glikas of Getty Images  Broadway’s longest-running musical, The Phantom of the Opera, has both thrilled and enchanted audiences for the past 35 years. Yet on Apr. 16, Phantom will be saying its final goodbye to its home at Majestic Theater in New York City. Since the 2020…

  • Boston Bruins Sign David Pastrnak to Huge Eight-Year Extension

    Boston Bruins Sign David Pastrnak to Huge Eight-Year Extension

    Words by: Juliana Cimino ’24 David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins agreed to an eight-year, $90 million contract extension, the team announced on March 2, 2023. This should keep Pastrnak in Black and Gold until 2031 and comes with an annual cap hit of $11.25 million. The deal secures a major piece of the Bruins…

  • To Be Good

    To Be Good

    Words by: Hanna Huntington ’26 Courtesy of Caroline DeLoreto via https://www.freewordcloudgenerator.com/ Space It hurts because I don’t want it to I want to be whole,  I want to be kind. I have chased it my whole life I have searched Through the nature that poisons me The girls that reject me The parents who have felt…

  • Ink & Quill

    Ink & Quill

    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @jaxrond on Pinterest You had ONE simple task.   I’m stuck in the mud while you lavishly live off my riches. I mean, how did the only way I knew to communicate become foul play?   The art of the Ink & Quill allows you to write about almost anything,…

  • The Red Line

    The Red Line

    By: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of iPhone Wallpapers on Pinterest No one told me loving someone was supposed to be this hard. I put my energy and time into this, I love HIM with all my heart, and he doesn’t seem to see my efforts in this relationship. One mistake and HE can’t stand the…

  • Untouchable


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @sawyer0122 on Pinterest Space Wow, how could I be so stupid I mean,  Look at me and look at you sitting here together,   I sadly imagined this day, but I never thought it would be here so soon  You know when you asked to speak with me,   I…

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