I Claim: A Deep Dive Into EC Daily Affirmations

Words by: Taylor Fruzzetti

EC daily affirmations, a meme page dedicated to the student life of Emmanuel, has sparked a buzz around campus. Modeled after the original @affirmations page on Instagram, @ecdailyaffirmations adds an Emmanuel flare on the “affirmation” formatted meme. The affirmation style meme takes an ironic twist on uplifting self-help phrases; often including an “ I will” statement with a highly edited photo. 

The beloved meme style has gained popularity across the globe, with the original @affirmations account having 843K followers. Thanks to EC daily affirmations, Emmanuel students now have the ability to submit their own student-life-related affirmation memes.

ec daily affirmations
courtesy of @ecdailyaffirtmations

According to the account runner, who chose to remain anonymous, “I really loved the @affirmations account, it’s like a huge one on Instagram. I saw that UMass Amherst started one that’s really popular and thought it was a really good idea.”

Nonetheless, with Emmanuel being a small school in comparison to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, students often share similar, yet niche experiences that have made it on the EC Affirmations page.

“My favorite one is ‘I will not let the Boston geese intimidate me,’ that is my favorite one because I am intimidated by the geese every day and I’m trying not to be,” said Madison Suitor, “22. 

courtesy of @ecdailyaffirmations

The account creates content from both the creator’s own ideas as well as student submissions. Although the account remains open for student submissions, the account owner has final say on what gets posted to the account.

“The fun thing about it is it’s kind of everyone; it’s kind of a group effort because people are submitting stuff that I would have never thought of. There is no way I could have done this with my own brain. I want people to keep submitting them because it will give me more ideas and generate more content,” said EC Daily Affirmations.

However, this is not the first time Emmanuel has had a meme page dedicated to student life. During the 2019-2020 academic year, a controversial Emmanuel meme page, that has since been taken down, caused a hesitancy towards starting campus-related meme pages on Instagram.

“Over the summer I thought about starting the page when I got to school, but then I kind of got nervous because I didn’t want it to be anything negative, because I know that there have been pages in the past that have been negative,” said EC Daily Affirmations.

Yet, EC Daily Affirmations has succeeded thus far in offering a positive outlet for Emmanuel students to relate to one another, something that has been greatly needed after shifting to in-person classes for the first time in a year and a half. 

courtesy of @ecaffirmations
courtesy of @ecdailyaffirmations

According to one EC Affirmations fan, “I feel like a lot of the media currently is very negative, and it’s nice to have something that’s not only trying to be uplifting but also funny” said Lenore Famosi, “22. 

EC Daily Affirmations plans on keeping the page lighthearted and respectful for the long run.The account runner strives to utilize their platform as a  safe place for students to  laugh and share their experiences with one another. 

“I am very careful about what I post because I respect the school and the faculty and staff. I don’t want it to be mean or have the page taken down. There’s no negative connotations associated with this account at all, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or target anyone,” said EC Daily Affirmations. 

The wholesome yet obscure sense of humor distributed by the account owner page may be an alternative venue for students to relate and connect with one another, but with almost seven-hundred followers, it has proven to be an effective one. 

If you have a submission for a post or suggestions for the account, direct message @ecdailyaffirmations on Instagram!






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