BLACKPINK “Shut Down” Review

Courtesy of @jennierubyjane on Instagram

Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

“Praying for my downfall, many have tried, baby”- Rose (pre-chorus) 

After almost two years of waiting for a comeback, we finally got a new BLACKPINK album with eight brand-new songs. It is called Born Pink and so far, Blinks (BLACKPINK’s fanbase) like this album. Their song “Shut Down” came out Sept. 16 after we got a preview of their new album with the song “Pink Venom,” which did not have as great feedback as “Shut Down” is getting.  

“Shut Down” still follows their similar formula with Jennie (with the red hat in the photo) rapping the first verse followed by Lisa (in the light blue puffer coat). The first two scenes of the music video show us references from their previous songs giving Blinks a memory from where they started to where they are now. Then, Jisoo (on the far left) comes in before the chorus along with Rose with adlibs and a strong beat, like in “DU-DU-DU-DU” or “Lovesick Girls.” This song has more words to the chorus, as well as their usual strong beat.  

A line of the song that I loved a lot is Jennie’s second rap verse after the first chorus she says, “Bunch of Wannabes that wanna be me, ME three if I was you”– Jennie (Verse two) 

I thought this was crazy because I did not understand where the three came in until my third listen on the day it came out. Lisa’s verse stood out as well. It says, A rockstar, a popstar but rowdier, Say bye to the paparazzi, get my good side, I’ll smile for ya, Know it ain’t fair to ya, it’s scarin’ ya like what now, Blackpink in your area, the area been shut down. It’s a shutdown”- Lisa (Verse two) 

I really appreciated it once I saw the choreography in the music video. During the line about the paparazzi, there is a scene when the bandmates take a fake photo of themselves.  

The chorus which I love goes,  

When we pull up you know it’s a shutdown 
Pull down the shutter lock the door, shut down 
Whip it whip it whip it whip it 
Whip it whip it whip it whip it 
It’s black and it’s pink once the sundown 

When we pull up you know it’s a shutdown 
Pull down the shutter lock the door, shut down 
Whip it whip it whip it whip it 
Whip it whip it whip it whip it 
Keep watching me shut it down”- All  

I believe this speaks for itself that they have been shutting down or killing the charts for every song they put out. Every time they come around people know who they are and what they are about from the time the sun rises till it goes down. The outro of their song, however, is rememberable because it does not have a loud dance break with good beats. It is very subtle like the intro and calls of “BLACKPINK,” and ends with “Keep talking we shut you down”- Rose (Outro)

This shows that no matter what people say, they are going to do their thing for as long as they can and will always give Blinks something good to listen to. I encourage you to listen to this song even if you have never listened to K-pop before or have never heard of it, you might have a new song on your Get Hyped Playlist like me.







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