Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

Image courtesy of on Pinterest

She reminded me of a road trip I took where I saw lots of colors, pinks and reds and hints of white and yellow, swirling amongst the clouds, almost as if she was right there with me. Only there for a moment in time then gone, like the wind blowing discreetly, as if she were never there. I always wondered when she would be back, flaunting her hues in an organized manner. Only time will tell when the cold breeze chills me as she wakes, and the soft wind blows as she falls.  

He reminded me of a trip I took. It was silent and dark. I could hardly see in front of me until there he was shining over the hills with shades of blue and white, so bright my eyes couldn’t linger for too long. If you saw what I saw you would be mesmerized by his height and build, so daunting you couldn’t mistake it for anything else. How could he sit there all the time, acting so high and above the others? Yet, I come back for him every time.  

Here we are again, same time, same place. Who knew I would see her again? Can she see me? If she can, do I go up to her or mesmerize her from afar? Her blues and reds and hints of white and yellow shine brighter the first time than before when I saw her in the clouds. Her scent hits me harder the second time, making me realize it’s been too long since I’ve seen her last. Where did the time go?  






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