Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

Courtesy of @sawyer0122 on Pinterest


Wow, how could I be so stupid I mean, 

Look at me and look at you sitting here together,  

I sadly imagined this day, but I never thought it would be here so soon 

You know when you asked to speak with me,  

I thought, “Wow they were right, light always prevails in darkness” and “I almost got away with it too.” 

I also realized that you might never pin this on me, you have no proof.  

However, when people say that “I’m untouchable”  

I think they are ignorant; everyone is touchable, and anything can be seen,  

Secrets will be shared, and people will come to hate then to forgive 

I, Eric Young will never say those words by myself but, I’ll tell them to you,  

I’m…Untouchable…and you are never going to prevail over the darkness,  

I have brought, to this table.  

Well…I have thought this through 

I mean thinking back to that special moment was crazy,  

I’d laugh at myself if I could 

I mean you should’ve seen me 

“What now?!?!” “Will people find out?”  

Even now I’m curious. How did you find out? Someone sell me out.  

No? I was alone,  

Well, if you have nothing else to say, it seems as though I am the only one contributing to this conversation. Therefore, I shall be on my way because in a matter of time, you will find out and;  



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