Ink & Quill

Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

Courtesy of @jaxrond on Pinterest

You had ONE simple task.  

I’m stuck in the mud while you lavishly live off my riches. I mean, how did the only way I knew to communicate become foul play?  

The art of the Ink & Quill allows you to write about almost anything, whenever and however you’d like. If you want to write about how annoyed your parents made you, go right ahead! Or write about a loved one that has gone too soon? Shout it out! Or the time your past lovers wronged you and how have you come to forgive them? So be it.   

When someone asks, “Do you relate?” I can only say, “I hope one day, depending on the story, but anything is better than nothing”.   

Some call it hiding your emotions or deflecting from the real issues I hold. I call it expressing an indescribable emotion. Writing about things that matter to me but making it fictional, I can hide my true intentions in a short story that may be interpreted in many ways. Sometimes, I write about my feelings. Occasionally, I see a nice painting and come up with a story, or I see a beautiful family or couple on the street and change the reality they are living in. 

 Now, you’ve gone and taken that from me, exposing my truths to the world, making me an outcast in this world I’ve created. Was it worth it? Were my riches that now belong to you worth my happiness and the foundation I built for us? 


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