Words by: Victoria Branch ’26

Courtesy of Reanna Keller on Pinterest

To some the worst, most boring, or most relaxing day of the week. To these statements, I would say you were correct. However, Wednesday and I have a love-hate relationship. I look forward to Wednesday, as it is the last day of the week when I have three classes, transitioning into Thursday and Friday where I only have one class a day.  

Sometimes, even when I appreciate her and am grateful to her, she tends to be my saddest day. She is not always this way but, everything, everyone, and every emotion hit me on a Wednesday. I am usually happy and excited about Wednesday. However, she may also bring nervousness or waves of sadness. Why? I do not truly know. Could it be due to a book I read during the day, or a song that played on the radio?  

Oh, Wednesday, what to do with her? I hope our relationship shall transform into love as I have for Sunday and Monday.  


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