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  • Boston: A First Semester Series

    Boston: A First Semester Series

    Photos by: Emily Kelly ’26 Charles River Emmanuel College Fenway Park Newbury Street Boston Common area Faneuil Hall Kenmore Seaport area space Related Posts:

  • Midnights Album Breakdown

    Midnights Album Breakdown

    Words by: Catherine Hogan ’24 Image Courtesy of: Spotify After two months of waiting, it’s finally “midnight.” Taylor Swift’s long awaited album “Midnights” was released at midnight on Oct. 21. After releasing her two re-recorded albums of “Fearless” and “Red,” she has shared new music with her fans, known as “Swifties.” They stayed up past…

  • Rewind


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @danielandceci on Pinterest Who knew life could take a turn? It’s almost as though everything was happening all at once, and I was watching it from a third-person perspective and in slow motion. No matter how hard I tried to form the words, they wouldn’t come out. Stunned…

  • Running My First Half Marathon

    Running My First Half Marathon

    Words By: Catherine Hogan ’24 Courtesy of Catherine Hogan Over the summer, a family friend told me they were running a half marathon and asked if I wanted to run with them. I had run cross country from third grade to 10th grade, but in all honesty, my running skills were rusty at the moment.…

  • Cheap Things to Do in Boston

    Cheap Things to Do in Boston

    Words By: Rachel Smith ’26 Courtesy of the culture trip One of the many benefits of attending Emmanuel College is its location in the heart of Boston. This benefit provides an array of attractions and places to visit in Boston and the surrounding area, but it can be daunting to try and narrow down a…

  • Emmanuel College Fall Sports Photos

    Emmanuel College Fall Sports Photos

    Words & Photos by: Anna Majowicz ’26 Women’s Volleyball Tatiana Correia (Sr.) in the women’s volleyball season opener game against Framingham State. Brigid Moriarty (Jr.) sets the ball up for herself to serve it to the other team. Sasha Hyacinthe (Jr.) attempts to hit the ball past Framingham State’s attempted block. Rachel Coleman (Sr.) sets…

  • Forest of Hope

    Forest of Hope

    Image courtesy of: caveman on WallpaperCave Words by: Lilly Crain ’26 Space The forest had a quiet hum  The trees rustled in the dark  Shadows cast upon my feet  No sun, but I can feel the summer’s heat  Run, run, run  Can’t escape the night  Echoes of a thousand songs  Whispers jumbled in my ear …

  • Memories


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Image courtesy of on Pinterest She reminded me of a road trip I took where I saw lots of colors, pinks and reds and hints of white and yellow, swirling amongst the clouds, almost as if she was right there with me. Only there for a moment in time…

  • Please, Take One

    Please, Take One

    Words by: Amy Gordon ’25 Image Courtesy of NewsCenter1 I cannot come home for Halloween.  I’m sorry, I know it is your favorite.   Space I cannot watch the passing strangers,  who haunt the homes of our friends.  Space Despite all my efforts,  I will never name them.   Space In my dreams I see the…

  • Facial Products for Acne Review

    Facial Products for Acne Review

    Words by: Hannah Le ’24 Different products work for different people, so it is important to find a skincare routine that works well for you. I have suffered from mild acne and have tried copious amounts of skincare products just to make my face look decent. I had to wait a few months before finding…