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  • Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue

    Words by: Ella Vilozny ’24 Courtesy of Wirestock on Dreamstime “They’re going to come look for us,” Naomi said quietly. “I know.” Slumped down on the sand with her knees pulled to her chest, Kate looked small and tired. Naomi sat down next to her, cross-legged with one knee overlapping Kate’s sneaker. “I can’t believe…

  • Wednesday 


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of Reanna Keller on Pinterest To some the worst, most boring, or most relaxing day of the week. To these statements, I would say you were correct. However, Wednesday and I have a love-hate relationship. I look forward to Wednesday, as it is the last day of the week…

  • To Be Good

    To Be Good

    Words by: Hanna Huntington ’26 Courtesy of Caroline DeLoreto via Space It hurts because I don’t want it to I want to be whole,  I want to be kind. I have chased it my whole life I have searched Through the nature that poisons me The girls that reject me The parents who have felt…

  • Ink & Quill

    Ink & Quill

    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @jaxrond on Pinterest You had ONE simple task.   I’m stuck in the mud while you lavishly live off my riches. I mean, how did the only way I knew to communicate become foul play?   The art of the Ink & Quill allows you to write about almost anything,…

  • The Red Line

    The Red Line

    By: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of iPhone Wallpapers on Pinterest No one told me loving someone was supposed to be this hard. I put my energy and time into this, I love HIM with all my heart, and he doesn’t seem to see my efforts in this relationship. One mistake and HE can’t stand the…

  • Untouchable


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @sawyer0122 on Pinterest Space Wow, how could I be so stupid I mean,  Look at me and look at you sitting here together,   I sadly imagined this day, but I never thought it would be here so soon  You know when you asked to speak with me,   I…

  • Boston: A First Semester Series

    Boston: A First Semester Series

    Photos by: Emily Kelly ’26 Charles River Emmanuel College Fenway Park Newbury Street Boston Common area Faneuil Hall Kenmore Seaport area space Related Posts:

  • Rewind


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Courtesy of @danielandceci on Pinterest Who knew life could take a turn? It’s almost as though everything was happening all at once, and I was watching it from a third-person perspective and in slow motion. No matter how hard I tried to form the words, they wouldn’t come out. Stunned…

  • Forest of Hope

    Forest of Hope

    Image courtesy of: caveman on WallpaperCave Words by: Lilly Crain ’26 Space The forest had a quiet hum  The trees rustled in the dark  Shadows cast upon my feet  No sun, but I can feel the summer’s heat  Run, run, run  Can’t escape the night  Echoes of a thousand songs  Whispers jumbled in my ear …

  • Memories


    Words by: Victoria Branch ’26 Image courtesy of on Pinterest She reminded me of a road trip I took where I saw lots of colors, pinks and reds and hints of white and yellow, swirling amongst the clouds, almost as if she was right there with me. Only there for a moment in time…