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  • Study Spots on Campus Ranked

    Study Spots on Campus Ranked

    Words by: Catherine Hogan ’24 While our campus at Emmanuel may be small, there are still a variety of places that you can visit to get some work done (without spending money sitting at a coffee shop). These are the five study spots on campus, ranked.  5: The second floor of the JYC: The JYC…

  • Midnights Album Breakdown

    Midnights Album Breakdown

    Words by: Catherine Hogan ’24 Image Courtesy of: Spotify After two months of waiting, it’s finally “midnight.” Taylor Swift’s long awaited album “Midnights” was released at midnight on Oct. 21. After releasing her two re-recorded albums of “Fearless” and “Red,” she has shared new music with her fans, known as “Swifties.” They stayed up past…

  • Running My First Half Marathon

    Running My First Half Marathon

    Words By: Catherine Hogan ’24 Courtesy of Catherine Hogan Over the summer, a family friend told me they were running a half marathon and asked if I wanted to run with them. I had run cross country from third grade to 10th grade, but in all honesty, my running skills were rusty at the moment.…