To Be Good

Words by: Hanna Huntington ’26

Courtesy of Caroline DeLoreto via


It hurts because I don’t want it to

I want to be whole, 

I want to be kind.

I have chased it my whole life

I have searched

Through the nature that poisons me

The girls that reject me

The parents who have felt love but never a drop of good

I have looked for kindness in God

In people

In drugs

In happiness

But my life, my being, clouds over all these mangled virtues

All these things that I considered to be right

To be just 

To be worthy.

I don’t know if it was because I wanted to change myself,

Or if I just didn’t want to be myself at all;

But I’ve always known that one thing I wasn’t, was kind.

I was strong

I was tough

I was perseverent

I was violent

I was aggressive

I was scary

I was everything wrong with the world and everything I’ve needed to be

But I wasn’t kind


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