Study Spots on Campus Ranked

Words by: Catherine Hogan ’24

While our campus at Emmanuel may be small, there are still a variety of places that you can visit to get some work done (without spending money sitting at a coffee shop). These are the five study spots on campus, ranked. 

5: The second floor of the JYC:

The JYC is referred to as the campus living room. In my opinion, this is a good spot if you don’t have a lot of work to get done. There’s also a nice view of the quad. However, it’s usually pretty crowded and noisy, which is why it wouldn’t be the best space to be in when you’re trying to focus.

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4. Eisner Administration Building:

If you need to get some work done in between classes, the EAB is a great spot that is close to where your next class may be. There are plenty of corners and nooks where you can sit.

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3. Wilkens Science Center:

The entrance of the Wilkens Science Center has some seating and is another area you can do work in between classes, but there isn’t a lot of space. Also, depending on the time between classes there are people constantly coming in and out of the building, which can be distracting.

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2. St. Julie’s 17th Floor Study Room:

The New Residence Hall building offers the perfect spot if you want a view of the city while you work. Sometimes when I have work to do, I’ll hit the Dunkin downstairs, then head up to the 17th floor. There are lots of tables and seating areas, and you can go to the study room up above on the next floor and get the same view.

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1. Cardinal Cushing Library:

The library is the classic place to get work done. It is quiet and there are lots of seating options and computers if you need them. There’s also a cafe on the second floor where you can get coffee if you need a boost (and they accept Fenway cash). I love going to the library because I can always find a comfortable spot to get things done. 

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